(In)Visible Data

This project, titled '(In)Visible Data: How home dwellers engage with domestic Web of Things data', further investigates how data from connected devices is present in people's homes. While promises of everyday productivity, increased security, efficient energy usage, and entertainment are prominent in popular discourses around IoT, raw data is rarely accessible to home dwellers and data historical logs are seldom looked at. Data is used to support a seamless everyday life; however, data is also surprisingly silenced, invisible and absent in households.

This research project is about exploring this IoT domestic data. Our approach will consist of two phases to explore current usage of data in the home and to imagine/speculate opportunities for data in the home.

Collaborators: Jeremy Viny, Heidi Biggs, Cayla Key, Netty Lim.
Grant: 2018 H2 Mozilla Research Grant
Mozilla Grant announcement
School of Art + Art History + Design announcement

_ Desjardins, A., Biggs, H., Key, C., Viny, J.E. (2020).
IoT Data in the Home: Observing Entanglements and Drawing New Encounters. In Proc. CHI'20, New York, ACM Press, 1-13. (acceptance rate: 24.3%)