Prototype Qualities in Everyday Interactive Artifacts: Supporting Everyday Designers in the Home

This project is something I want to work on in the next years. It is an ongoing project that builds a lot on some of the previous work I did on the practices of everyday design and DIY.

Here is the abstract, just to give an idea, while the ideas are still brewing in my mind!

With a growing understanding of how people make (reuse, modify, repurpose) everyday artifacts in their hobbies and everyday lives, the HCI and interaction design research communities have started to reflect on the new roles interaction designers can play in supporting everyday designers. Beyond developing tools and resources, interaction designers have the opportunity to design everyday interactive artifacts, which would in and of themselves support making practices. In this research-through-design inquiry, I investigate how crafting prototype qualities into everyday interactive artifacts can support everyday designers in the lived environment of their homes. In design, prototypes have the ability of opening design spaces, offering many potential futures and inviting reflection about what could or should be. By adding prototype qualities to everyday interactive artifacts, I aim at examining how this can lead to more creative, empowered, meaningful, and personal relationships between people and their interactive artifacts in the home.