Léandre and I just bought a new Mercedes Sprinter Van (2013, 144" with high roof) and are starting the conversion towards a winterized camper. We live in the Pacific Northwest and love to ski - our goal is to drive the sprinter around ski resorts and camp out in the parking lots, ready for the next day powder! The construction of this van is for us the start of uncountable adventures discovering the area around here.

This project has also informed a lot of my research in interaction design and human-computer interaction as it proposes a radically contrasting case to the current visions of smart homes. For more on the research perspective of this project, click here.

I document every step of our conversion process:

How to Insulate a Camper Van

Rear Storage Platform in a Camper Van

Cedar Paneling for Van Interior

Bed, Table and Benches for camper van: All-in-one

How to sew cushions for a camper van

The instructables for the kitchen and sink, as well as for the additional shelf on top of the driver and passenger seats are on the way!

We are super stoked that our friends at go-van.com have taken the tutorials to their website as well! You can see them here and here.

There is also a collection of timelapse videos showing our progress in the van:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 5:

Day 8:

Day 10:

Day 14:

For more: vimeo.com/album/2607513