I am currently studying at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), SIAT (School of Interactive Arts and Technology), as a PhD student. I am part of the Interaction Design Research Center with Dr. Ron Wakkary and my colleagues. My industrial design background, my interest in technology and my love of making are now combined in my interaction design studies.

My research interests are
interaction design, industrial design, everyday design, DIY - Maker - Craft communities, appropriation of interactive technologies, sustainable interaction design, and design for challenging environments.

Following are research projects I am conducting:

Practices of Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding: Use of Avalanche Rescue Beacons

Everyday Design: Comparing Families, Hobbyist Jewellers and Steampunk Enthusiasts

Skateboards as a Mobile Technology

Exquisite Corpses Explore Interactions

Children's Drawing and Telling of Sustainability at Home

Exploring and Making through Techniques of Appropriation

Design Activism in the HCI Classroom

Interactive Tangibles