Audrey Desjardins, Ph.D.
Interaction Design Researcher

I am an assistant professor in interaction design at University of Washington, in the School of Art + Art History + Design. I hold a PhD from the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University. From 2010 to 2016, I studied interaction design research in the Everyday Design Studio with Professor Ron Wakkary. Prior to that, I studied industrial design at Université de Montreal.

My research interests focus on everyday design, do-it-yourself, technologies for the home, Internet of Things, sustainability, and emergency collaborative situations.


Living in a Prototype Hook Table-non-table
Tilting bowl Eclipse HCI research on the home
Future work: Prototype qualities Tutorial authorship Everyday design practices
Avalanche rescue practices Everyday interactive artifacts Children and sustainability
Exquisite Corpses Skateboards as Technology Design fiction projects
Design activism 8 months of poking New Terrains of Apparition

Silversmithing Watercolor Illustration
Paintings Sprinter camper conversion

Coco, fruit protection Aroma, wine aerator Ronron, night lamp
Vino, reflection game Child vaccine experience La, feeling close


December 16, 2016. First day as an assistant professor at UW in the School of Art + Art History + Design!

November 2016. Our workshop Making Home was accepted at CHI 2017. Please join us for a full workshop day in an AirBnB in Denver!!!

August 4, 2016. I successfully defended my PhD dissertation 'Design-in-Living'. Woohoo!!!

June 9, 2016. Our abstract Avalanche Beacon Parks: Focus on Skill Development and Team Coordination was accepted at the International Snow Science Workshop ISSW 2016!!!

June 7, 2016. We won a Honorable Mention Award for our Pictorial Behind the Lens: A Visual Exploration of Epistemological Commitments in HCI Research on the Home at DIS 2016!!!

March 7, 2016. Our paper Productive Frictions: Moving from Digital to Material Prototyping and Low-Volume Production for Design Research was accepted at DIS 2016 (acceptance rate 26%).

February 24, 2016. I will be presenting the Living in a Prototype project at the Forum on Material Matters at Emily Carr University.

February 18, 2016. Got featured in SIAT Spotlight for our honorable mention award at CHI 2016 for Living in a Prototype: A Reconfigured Space

February 2016. Woohoo! Our paper Living in a Prototype: A Reconfigured Space has received a Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2016 (this means it is in the top 4% of all submitted papers)!

January 2016. I will participate in the workshop on 'Object Outcomes: Attending to Objects as Outcomes of Design Research' at CHI'16. I will be presenting Lessons from Living In A Prototype.

December 2015. More great news! 2 full papers accepted at CHI 2016: Living in a Prototype: A Reconfigured Space, and From Research Prototype to Research Product. See you in San Jose!

December 2015. Great news! I received the Simon Fraser University President's PhD Scholarship.

December 2015. Good news! I will be a teaching assistant for the course IAT 431 Speculative Design with Pr. Ron Wakkary for the Spring 2016 semester.

October 14, 2015. I presented our paper Investigating Genres and Perspectives in HCI Research on the Home at the SIAT Graduate Research Colloquium.

August 2015. Our paper Avalanche Beacon Parks: Skill Development and Team Coordination in a Technological Training Ground was accepted at CSCW 2016. See you in San Francisco!

July 2015. Our paper Unselfconscious Interaction: A Conceptual Construct was published in the Interacting With Computers Journal!

June 2015. Featured instructables for How to sew cushions for a camper van!