Design Activism in the HCI Classroom

Design activism is present in architecture, product design, graphic design and more. In HCI and interaction design, we see the presence of HCI for peace, Sustainable interaction design, HCI4D, Persuasive technologies and other change oriented practices. However, there is not a clear articulation of what design activism can do and what it means in HCI and interaction design.

We present two case studies that show design activism in the classroom as examples from which to learn. We highlight themes and observations that can allow for future articulation and practice of design activism in HCI and HCI education.

_ Hauser, S., Desjardins, A., and Wakkary, R. (2013). Design Activism in the HCI Classroom, Proc alt.CHI 2013, New York, ACM Press.

Project in collaboration with Sabrina Hauser and Ron Wakkary at Simon Fraser University, SIAT